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Mining & Minerals

Turkey ranks 10th in the world in terms of mineral wealth, yet it only stands in 28th place for world mineral production. To date, most mineral exploration activity in Turkey has been restricted to shallow depths. As drilling goes deeper, however, reserve estimates will move upwards and the sector will account for a larger proportion of GDP. Canadian firms are active players in the Turkish minerals sector with a focus on gold, silver, copper, and zinc operations.


Opportunities exist for Canadian mining firms involved with exploration and development, mine design, extraction and processing, mining equipment, environmental assessment, laboratory analysis and CSR expertise.


Advanced Technologies

The Turkish ICT market has significant growth potential as the technology-driven and sizeable young population continues to buy consumer electronics, software and products. More than half of all households in Turkey have computers with internet access, which is expected to rise significantly in coming years. 


Opportunities exist for Canadian firms involved in cybersecurity, consumer electronics, 4/5G related technologies and services, fibre optics, A/V equipment, wireless equipment and services and smartphones.



With more than 50% of Turkey’s current account deficit coming from the imports of oil, natural gas and coal, the government’s priority is to increase local energy resources such as renewable energy, lignite coal-fired power plants and nuclear energy.  Turkey also needs to upgrade and expand its energy transmission and distribution lines.  


There are opportunities in Turkey for Canadian firms involved in solar, geothermal, waste to energy, smart grid systems, nuclear power plant development, regional natural gas pipeline projects, refineries, oil and gas exploration and production equipment, energy efficiency systems, energy storage, electricity transmission and distribution equipment and services.



The Turkish construction sector accounts for roughly 5% of the country's GDP. Over the past 15 years, the country has invested nearly US$100 billion in bridges, highways, tunnels, railways, airports and urban development. Of that amount, nearly $14 billion went to PPP projects. The government recently announced Turkey has earmarked another US$64 billion in infrastructure expenditures in coming years. Three key areas of focus are the transportation (airports, roads, tunnels), energy (pipelines, refineries, nuclear power plants) and healthcare (i.e.; medical campuses built using the PPP model) sectors. 


In addition to robust activity within the country, Turkish construction firms are very active internationally. In 2016, and for the ninth year in a row, Turkey stood second only to China in terms of countries with the largest volume of international construction projects (the US placed third) outside of their home markets. Clearly, there are opportunities for Canadian firms to partner with Turkish firms for projects in Turkey, in Canada and internationally.

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